COVID-19 Resources

Here are the resources I am using to follow COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

1) Coronavirus Global Cases Map
2) Reddit Live Thread

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Houston, we have WordPress

It has been at least a couple years since I had a functioning WordPress setup. This has been top of mind lately as I reevaluate where social media fits in my life. Although I occasionally contribute to social media, I find myself wanting to consume it less. I personally find it difficult to cut ties with social media completely as different platforms provide unique value, not just for me, but also to my love ones.

At the same time, I run across a lot of interesting technology from various sources. I often have thoughts and opinions I want to share pertaining to these sources, but I do not necessarily want to have a discussion with the world. With this said, the unidirectional nature of a blog, at least with comments disabled, seemed like the right platform. Now for my techie friends, this WordPress instance is running on:

  • Host: Dedicated Supermicro server
  • Location: SIX (thank you again, you-know-who-you-are, for everything).
  • Operating System: Ubuntu 18.04 Server & Nginx
  • Connectivity: 10G uplink and dual stack connectivity (IPv4 and IPv6)
  • DNS: A/AAAA records, hosted from AWS Route53
  • TLS: Using Let’s Encrypt for the first time, which was straightforward to setup

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